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o que é strains


Cannabis is a plant divided into three species: Sativa and Indica, the most famous, and Ruderalis, which contains a very low level of THC and is used for industrial purposes. Cannabis Sativa and Indica are most cultivated and consumed in a recreational and medicinal way because they bring together the two main substances of the

o que é strains

A Cannabis é uma planta dividida em três espécies: Sativa e Indica, as mais famosas, e a Ruderalis, que contém um nível muito baixo de THC e é utilizada para fins industriais. A Cannabis Sativa e a Indica são mais cultivadas e consumidas de forma recreativa e medicinal por reunirem em abundância as duas principais

Cultivo Indoor de Cannabis


Indoor cultivation: equipment for growing Cannabis indoors More and more growers are sticking to indoor cultivation. And the reason is simple: growing your plants in an indoor environment is possible to harvest the whole year, regardless of the weather outside, and still keep everything under stealth, which is essential where Cannabis is not yet regularized.