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Complete platform for domestic or industrial scale growers.


How can BudBuds.us help with your crop

or consumption experience?

Each bud is unique. Each has a distinct flavor, aroma, potency, flowering time or cross. No plant is the same and that's what makes them so special.


Thinking about it came BudBuds.us, which works as a mobile app that more than helps to manage an entire cannabis crop, with hundreds of plants at the same time, but also allows the generation of a unique QR Code to identify each one from them.


Thus, various data on each plant are stored and can be tracked forever, including after harvesting, when it is time to taste and evaluate the buds.


This allows to know all the characteristics of each of them individually or even of an entire room of cultivation with its several plants. You can schedule specific tasks to perform on each during the different periods of cultivation they are in, or all at the same time.


This is why everyone says that BudBuds.us is more than an aid technology for cultivation, but a faithful companion. It helps to not forget anything and still stores and records everything it takes to keep the plants healthy and visible to anyone who wants to share and taste them.


And best of all, when harvest time comes, it's not farewell. But the beginning of a new stage in the life of each plant, with the sharing of your cultivation or the data of the flowers with whom you want, through the QR Code. So other growers or consumers will be able to evaluate, see their characteristics, or even continue thelineage if cloned and the original data remain linked.


Register your cannabis plants or growing room;

Schedule tasks and control your cultivation;

Create and share fertilizer and nutrient recipes;

Follow the whole lineage of your cloned plant;

Find fertilizers and ideal substrates;

Create a unique QR Code for each plant;

Track clones or flowers after harvest;

Share your buds for consumers to rate;

Schedule for events;

Create your own cannabis cups;

Have an average rating of your buds;

Improve your cultivation.


E-book BudBuds App - Criando uma conta
To create an BudBuds.us account and to start to rely on the precise help of an application in your cultivation is easy.
Just visit the GooglePlay store on your Android phone or iOs (BudBuds.us supports both) download the app andinstall it on your phone.
E-book BudBuds App - Tipos de Usuarios
Once the download is complete and the application is installed, just log in to start creating your account.


BudBuds.us will want to know if you are a cultivator and consumer or just consumer. Once you have chosen youroption click on register.
E-book BudBuds App - Cadastro
You will be directed to another screen where you will fill in a codename, and will place an email that will never be confirmed.
So you have total privacy because the app does not have any
data from the growers, except for statistical data prevailing over all user cores.


The app does not have data from thegrower. All data entered is encrypted.
E-book BudBuds App - Código de segurança
Read the system carefully for password recovery, which will understand how everything works silently and safely.


Save your password for recoveryand you're done, your registration
has been created.



E-book BudBuds App - Cadastrando uma planta
To register one or more plants from a cannabis growing room at BudBuds.us is also very easy.


Just click on the + symbol.


Click on NEW PLANT.
E-book BudBuds App - Cadastrando uma planta 2
Give your plant a name.


Please state how many plants are being registered, if one or a group of several.


Choose the source: seed or clone. Select a strain from the list. There are more than 14,000 genetic and it is possible to createone.
E-book BudBuds App - Cadastrando uma planta 3
In this new screen you fill in more information about it, which can be filled automatically according to strain.


You can insert photos, determine whether it is regular or feminized, whether you are growing indoor or outdoor.


Fill in the germination date of your plant to start the monitoring.


Generate a QR Code from your plant and save it.




The plant is registered.


E-book BudBuds App - Agendando tarefas
To schedule tasks for one or more plants you can go in plants that will be separated by tags or by categories.


Click on the plant or select the plants you want and click on new task.


A new tab will open with the different types of tasks that can be performed through BudBuds.us.
BudBuds tasks:
Glass / Transplant
Growing medium
Plant measurement
Ambient temperature
Relative humidity of the
Watering and Fertilization
Pest control
End of cultivation


E-book BudBuds App - Agendando tarefas2
When choosing a task to schedule, the application will request more information.


An example is if you apply fertilizers to one or more plants.


It will ask if you have a recipe ready for application.


E-book BudBuds App - Multiplas Plantas
You can select multiple plants at one time and then schedule the same task for all of them.


To do this is very simple: just go to the "all stages" tab, where will be your list of registered plants.


Hold onto the plants you want to select and then plan the action / task you want to accomplish with all of them.


E-book BudBuds App - Criando Clones
In BudBuds.us you can also register the clones of your plants.


This is one more feature to keep a row's data alive forever through the app.


This is because by placing the origin of the clone, BudBuds.us is already able to join with the originating data that come to be linked withthis clone.


E-book BudBuds App - tags
It is possible to catalog plants with tags.


For example, separate them in vegetative or flowering stages,
indicas or sativas, anyway, as you prefer.


So you can schedule the same task for an entire tag.


The tags function as rooms and so it is possible to move the plants to different virtual environments that become organized as the grower


E-book BudBuds App - Receitas
If it does, go to the recipes tab and select. If you do not have it, you can create one at a time when you are adding the task and save it to access it in future recipes.


That is, the app facilitates preparation byrecording information.
E-book BudBuds App - Receitas 2
In this field you can note the amount of water and fertilizer you will use, for example, among other comments that BudBuds.us allows.


Among other tasks it is even possible to save the weight of your harvest to know how much each plant yields separately,among other functions.


E-book BudBuds App - Seus Buds
Rating your buds.
This section allows you to register new buds and other flower-related


So you can generate the QR Code of the Bud already harvested from your crop.


To evaluate a Bud whether it is from your crop or from another grower, simply access the Buds area next to the Plants option.


Then search for or sign the bud you want to evaluate, or scan the QR Code of another plant.


So you can see your current rating as well as start a new review on this bud.


Fill in the characteristics of your tasting and share your experience with several Buds thus helping other growers and consumers. An average will be created foreach bud.


E-book BudBuds App - Produtos
Finding products for your crop or tasks.
On some tasks BudBuds.us helps the grower to even find products that are right for their plants.


When you click fertilizer, for example, to schedule a watering, you can find the ideal fertilizer from a large list.


The same goes for pesticides and some other products BudBuds.us tries to helpyou with.


E-book BudBuds App - qrcode
Sharing a unique QR Code of your plants.
It's your plants birth certificate. 


Once a plant has received your unique QR Code, you can share the information or photos of it with whom you want through this code.


So one can not only see photos of their cultivation, but also evaluate their plants during cultivation and of course, when they are already buds.


Click on the QR Code icon. The QRCode and the name of your plant will appear.
Click Share.


Ready. They will open social networks, with whom or for which site you want to share this QRCode.


So imagine that your bud may have an average grade of 9.5 or higher rated notonly by you but by who actually tasted it.
E-book BudBuds App - qrcode
Through this functionality, you track your plants forever.
What makes BudBuds.us so different is that the time of harvest does not represent the end of cultivation.


After all, through the unique QR Code it is possible to trace a plant forever, especially when it is already a bud and is being tasted and evaluated through this code.


Also, if she is cloned she will continue to have her original QR Code forever linked to the future codes that will be created for the clones. So it is possible to have access to yourcomplete lineage.


E-book BudBuds App - copa
Cannabis events to participate.
To keep up to date and participate in the cannabis events that roll around the world or even create your own Cannabis Cup. BudBuds.us brings an up-todate schedule of these events and also the cannabis cups to take your bud for tasting.


- Click on the three dashes in the upper left corner of the application where there is a menu
- Go to Events / Cups


- Ready. Now you do not miss any cannabis events.


- To create a new cup simply click on the + symbol and add the information and share it making itpublic.


E-book BudBuds App - imbox
Keep in touch with the BudBuds.us community.
Inbox is where BudBuds.us communicates with you by sending you tips, and guiding you about application features.


So we are always in touch and youare up to date.


E-book BudBuds App - redes sociais
Follow us.
BudBuds.us is also present in social
networks, and has a WhatsApp
group where it gathers its users
offering exchange of ideas,
opportunities and knowledge
about the plant, whether for
cultivation or consumption.
And of course, our profiles on
Instagram and Facebook.