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Comprehensive platform for domestic scale growers and/ industrial scale growers.

In a personalized fashion, our mission is to establish contact
between your business and over 50.000 growers around the globe!

Unique platform of consumer experiences and methods of cultivation.

Over 15.000 registered strains with their respective breeder bank. 

Thousands of fertilizers, pesticides, as well as, their producers. Reach your target audience Just-in-time.

Technical "review" of each plant, as well as, a qualitative evaluation score; "Right on time". Evaluation during consumption - medical and recreational (doctors and patients) is present at the main events and cups in Latin America. Position your brand

within the biggest competitions and events.

Qualitative tracking of the entire supply chain.

50.000 Registered and growing users.


100% Growers. 

1.5Mi views per month.

Daily average of 1.500 in-app hits.

Over 250,000 Downloads.

We grow at a rate of approximately 15%/ per month.

160% growth in user base during the last 12 months 

Over 83.000 followers on social media.

20% user retention that's rising.

Daily average of 0:2:30 minutes in engagement time.


Growers connected as one big happy family. (site or/ logo)

An information exchange for: learning, socializing and/ enhancing their grows

A direct link to industry, doctors and consumers (recreational and/ medical)

Compliance generation (auditable technical compliance via - BlockChain);


Reach your target audience Just-in-time; when they need what you offer

Targeting the advertiser to their intended audience right on time and Just-in-Time with what the Grower needs.’s mission is to bring closer market stakeholders and growers, creating a direct link between them and the industry. is a collaborative tool that allows the integration of all the stakeholders of the market Universe.

By making use of the traceability of the plants, grow assistance, continuous feedback and data intelligence; the platform extracts relevant and unique indicators in the medical field, as well as,  data related to production and consumption. 

These indicators contribute to the continuous improvement of the cultivation process, providing greater assertiveness when treating pathologies and providing guidance for the user on the best use of the product.  

Based on these indicators, both the growers and the market are able to offer their production inputs  and services Just-in-Time.



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